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Creativity Event

Wikipedia, San Francisco

3 hr. Complete Reboot Class

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Bridging Boundaries and Renewing Spirits

When the head of HR at Wikipedia told me about her team being separated by both location and skillset, together we designed a creativity event to unite them. 

Creativity = Happiness + Productivity

Lynette knew from her vast experience in HR that the positive quality of the relationships her team members have with each other would affect their overall efficiency to produce as a team and also boost their happiness level.  Lynette believes in supporting the individual creativity of her staff because they must be creative every day to solve problems and keep the pace going in their department.

Happiness = Positive ROI

Hiring and training processes are often very costly to the company. Knowing these facts well, Lynette places the happiness and wellness of her staff as one of her highest priorities.

Class: "Make Something New - Breathing with Trees"

We decided on a dynamic paint and breathing art program where the maker can create something amazing from nothing!

The staff started out with some hesitation and many questions then settled in to being creative artists. After only a short time there were successes and frustrations experienced with much excitement. 


The Results: Unexpectedly Deep Connections

The group kept working steadily and with great excitement. The event ending was a professionally guided artists critique that was both revealing and profound in the most positive ways.


Many participants said they had no idea that a person they had worked with for so long could be so creative and have such depth. 

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