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Happy Clients

“For 2 days I have been stuck and under pressure to solve an issue. I was at my wits end, unable to sleep or focus on anything else. As soon as I finished my Mandala I felt excited and headed back to my office. An hour later I had put the data together and saw the clear and successful way to complete my project. Thank you! Priceless!   

—Bernadette Guimarin,

               Genetic Consultant                

Genewize Life Sciences

“I loved how the longer we were doing our art, the more creative we all were and the more we could be open with each other. This improvement in our team communication will help us collaborate more creatively. And it was super fun! I enjoyed it so much, Thank you.”

                                                                                      —Doreen Dunican, Wikipedia


“Really enjoyed how much fun and creative I can be. Jacqui is a great teacher. I walked away with not just a smile but also some great new ideas to try out with my Social Media Clients. Music was great!”

                                                                                              —Derek Fox, Marketing, Fox Media


“This class was wonderful. It was a great way to learn something new and get really energized. I feel ready to have an amazing day speaking with my clients and giving them my best! The experience was very relaxing and made me feel confident! I had no idea creative activity could make me feel this way!”

                                                                                   Donna, Agent, Sotheby's Intl. Realty


“This class provided a much needed break from days usually filled looking at a computer and spreadsheets. It felt so good to be able to use a different side of my brain. It was relaxing, fun and an amazing way to spend time with my team. I feel like I’ve been on vacation in just a few hours of making some art!”

                                                                                      —Megan Nester- Project Coordinator, Wikipedia

“Jacqui is very motivating. She makes you feel comfortable and confident and recognizes you have an ability. Even if you don’t think you are an artist. It was a great stress reliever and team building program.”

                                                                                        Mark Kennedy, Empire Realty Associates 

“Creating a Mandala was a great experience getting in touch with the creative side of Me. I had not been able to express just me in so long, definitely not at work. I feel great!”                                                                                                                 — Swanee Heidberg Title Consultant, CAFA


“The talking points and the enjoyment of saying nice things about other peoples’ art really let me know my coworkers in a new way! The strongest point was the warm feeling when working with my team on things besides Business and operations! Doing creative work together makes me feel like we can do anything as a team!”                   

                                                                                —Tomas White Antelope, Wikipedia


“The relaxation in a stressful environment of today’s world was a nice change. I did not expect it, but my level of excitement about my work was at a new high after the creativity class. Just looking at my Mandala on my desk reminds me daily to breathe and feel centered. This is a positive way to feel at work.”

                                                                                 Mike Hardman, Agent Farmer's Insurance 


“I enjoyed doing something different and I felt I was being challenged to doing something I don’t normally do. I had to find a way to solve unusual problems quickly and in new ways. I feel excited and confident to apply this new energy to my work. Thank you for not giving up and pushing me when I resisted.”

                                                                               —Leticia – HR, Wikipedia


“I especially liked the freedom to experiment and explore. The freedom to be frustrated and play until we like it and the freedom to find my own solutions.”


—Robert Miller - Facilities, Wikipedia

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