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10 Min.

Choose your Event 

1 Hour

Half Day


 Inspiration Station

Creative Project

2 hrs. open seating

Serving 80-240 Artists who drop by

Call 650-533-5366
Hands copy_edited_edited_edited_edited_e

 Creativity Tune up

Creative Project

3 hrs. open seating

Serving 30-90 Artists who drop by

Call 650-533-5366

Complete Reboot 

Custom Creativity Training

Team Reserved seating

Groups of 10-100

Call 650-535-5366



Aloha Creativity Training

Plumeria beach2_edited.jpg

Creative power is

reignited with this

wonderful trip to the tropics! Every project will

bring Aloha Spirit

and beach smiles to all!

Operation Innovation

Carpenter Tools

New ideas come right to

the surface with our

creative problem solving

programs. Everyone is

challenged and

does succeed!

Analogue Action

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Unplug completely and

do the absolute opposite of your daily digital lives.

You will be refreshed by

the much needed

restorative and creative

sensory activity.

Make it New


Let's decompress the

mess, clear the mind and 

make something fresh, new and original. Full

brain reboot can be

yours! Getting your hands dirty is required.

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