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 Artist & Creativity Chef

Jacqueline Ford

25 yr. S.F. Bay Area Fine Artist  

Art Class Inc. Founder,

Arts Educator and Program Director

Story. . .

“For two decades I had happily flourished as a professional artist, community arts educator, and CSUEB Professor. Suddenly I found myself being laid off for the third time from the University due to state budget cuts. During that lay off I watched tenured professors lose their jobs right along with me! 

Soon after, with no work options in my field, I worked in an extremely high stress job as a medical device and biologics sales rep. servicing a spinal surgeon. I was responsible for ordering, delivering and verbally supervising spinal implants and biologics in the operating room during the procedures. I had to give instructions and recommendations to surgical techs and the surgeons on the spot!


For the first month I went home every night covered in hives from head to toe. It was so awful! The level of stress I was experiencing was nothing I had ever trained for or been prepared for. I also noticed my peers in the O.R. suffering from high levels of stress as well. I decided that I would try to help them and myself so I created my first Art Class Inc. Creativity Events for the staff of the O.R.

At the event there was pure joy and relief for everyone! I watched each person laugh, recover from their stress exhaustion and become enlivened. It was right then I knew that this art based wellness program model would work! It has been 10+ years of R & D since then and Art Class Inc. brings wellness to all who try it!


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ACI Research :

Creative Activity = Wellness! 

Brain Changes                                   Todays' work is mostly left brain activity being analytical and linear. Creative activity lets the left side of the brain rest while stimulating the right side. What results is the whole brain working together at a far superior capacity and strength -both sides are firing off equally.


Mental Health Improvement  

Immediate Increase of your psychological resilience and resistance to stress, and smiles too.

Hormone shift                                       Your stress hormone Cortisol drops immediately. Your feel good hormone Dopamine then rises which boots your drive, focus and concentration.

Artist. . .

Jacqueline is a "Hapa", (mixed blood) artist with Hawaiian, Chinese, French/Spanish heritage and a S.F. Bay Area native. 

Having a multicultural identity informs her work richly as well as experiences of being a barrier-breaking woman artist during the past 40 years.

Jacquelines' colorful and distinctive work emanates joy and peace 

expressing respect for the people, land and culture of Asia and Polynesia.


She strives to express the vibrant spirit of landscapes, tropical birds and flowers, dancers and people tending to their daily work by bringing them to life with harmonious colors and bold compositions.


Jacqueline has been exhibiting her work in the S.F. Bay Area, Santa Fe, NM and Hawaii for the past 3 decades. 

 "Let hands on creativity nourish,

restore and deliver positive workplace energy  

by boosting personal and psychological health!"


B.A. - U.C. Berkeley -91'

M.F.A.- University of Hawaii, - 01’


10 yrs Fine Arts Calif. St. University EB

Educator, Dir. of Community Arts

Mural Programs - 9 yrs 

The Oakland Museum of California 

Euphrat Museum of Cupertino 

Mission Cultural center of SF

Berkeley Art Center Richmond Art Center

Gallery Owner 

Jacqueline Ford Gallery

Canyon Rd. Santa Fe, New Mexico

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