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1 Hour Drop in

Creativity Tune Up 

Creative Project - Open for 3 hrs.

Serving 30-90 Artists who drop by

What Happens. . .

  • One on One Creativity Coaching

  • Music Therapy

  • Relaxation Therapy

  • 1 full hr. or more Complete Digital Time Out

Smiles Laughter Enthusiasm Energy Focus Renewed Productivity Team Bonding Fun Time Out

      Creativity & Innovation Boost! 

Complimentary with Every Order :


1 . We set up a complete creativity workshop in a conference room, office space or wherever you prefer at your company or offsite location.

2. Your team members drop by the Creativity Tune Up and are lead through the creativity training process individually by our charming and talented facilitators.

3. We make sure everyone has fun, gets involved & happily succeeds in making their original artwork that they take away with them mounted, packaged and ready to exhibit!


 Starting at:    

$40.  per person

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