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How the color Red can affect your life.

Art Elements

It is wise to understand the color red and use it consciously and in moderation. Making art with Reds can also be intense, reactionary but also fun!

Red-Friend or Foe? - It draws our attention immediately and can have many different emotional associations both negative and positive.

Positive aspects: Power, Energy, Activity, Love, Sexuality, Desire, Life, Romance, Attention. Negative aspects: Danger, Stress, Fear, Dominance, Aggression, Warning, Stop.

Red-Makes you Stronger

Wear red to the gym can inspire you to action, greater speed and force. Researchers believe this is because we unconsciously associate red with the danger of failure.

Red-Inspires Better tips

Red lipstick or a red shirt on a waitress can inspire higher tips. Researches tell us that red is associated with blood, pointing to higher estrogen levels and sexual arousal. When a lady wears red it subconsciously signals to the male customer that she is ready to mate. At which point he will happily give her whatever she wants.

Red-Can Heal you

Different frequencies of red light have been shown to help heal the cells in your body. Nasa scientists found when you expose cells to near infrared light the cells can heal 150-200 times faster. This is referring to HEALS technology which condenses the power on 12 suns into a heatless device. By stimulating the cells with long wavelengths, it encourages growth and repair. They’ve used it to heal burns, diabetic skin ulcers and painful sores in the mouth radiotherapy patients suffer.

Why am I writing about colors? These Art Element shorts are meant to be a mini art school moment for you to enjoy some of the common aspects of art and beauty you already have in your life every day.

With Sincere Paintbrush,

Jacqueline Ford

Your Creativity Chef

Jacqueline Ford is a career visual artist and university-level arts educator in the SF Bay Area. She founded Art Class Inc., a mobile creativity event service bringing art-making events to corporate teams and other groups to restore their personal creativity, facilitate team-building, and promote wellness for all. Everyone is successful, has a blast, and makes original display-worthy art!

Connect with us at to discover how we can help optimize your team’s performance!

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