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Why We Might Love Circles

Art Elements

There is something timeless and satisfying about drawing a circle. Try it. Just doodle a few where you are right now and see how it feels. Around and around…

There are circles all around you. Possibly the first ones we noticed were the irises of our parents’ eyes, then later the sun and the moon. The shape of the circle has been the symbol for inclusiveness, nature, the cosmos, general completeness and even the infinite.

Circles are found throughout history from Egypt to the caves in North America. Stone circles can be found scattered throughout the United Kingdom. Mandalas, which are circular symmetrical designs, have been and still are created and revered throughout many cultures throughout the world.

Symbolically the circle has been associated with protection, creation, balance and evolution. They confine what’s within and keep things out. Some say they offer safety, connection, integrity and even perfection.

There is not much to debate or prove when it comes to this simple shape. Maybe it is simply a chance to appreciate and acknowledge our lives supported and enhanced by this infinite curve.

Enjoy making some artwork with circles! The 10 min. Inspire Space project was posted recently and is yours to enjoy and explore!

Happy to be around,

Jacqueline Ford

Your Creativity Chef

Jacqueline Ford is a career visual artist and university-level arts educator in the SF Bay Area. She founded Art Class Inc., a mobile creativity event service bringing art-making events to corporate teams and other groups to restore their personal creativity, facilitate team-building, and promote wellness for all. Everyone is successful, has a blast, and makes original display-worthy art!

See to discover how I can help optimize your team’s performance!

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