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The Creativity Chef is here to help.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Unlock a New Level of Performance…Through Play!

Have you ever felt exhausted, but not physically? Mentally worn out, yet still wide awake? Maybe that enthusiasm you once had is missing in action? If you’ve felt this way (or seen this among your team members), this may mean a big part of you is starvedbut not for food.

My name is Jacqueline Ford, and I am your Creativity Chef! I am here to help nourish your pep, gusto, spirit, exuberance—or, if you, your oomph!

How, you ask? I have one answer…hands-on creative activity.

Using this simple ingredient, today’s most profitable companies are discovering a new level of productivity, energy, and innovative thinking. This competitive edge will enable you to optimize your team’s performance over the long haul, which is necessary for the continued success of any company.

Keep reading to see what I’ll be cooking up for you in the coming months!

Creative Snacks

Ten-Minute Inspire Space workshops can be done at your desk with typical office supplies you most likely have on hand. They only take ten minutes, can be done during your work break, and provide a little “snack” of creative time for you to rest and restore yourself from the inside out!

30-Second Art School

Art Elements is a series of enlightening quotes and ideas about art and creativity to energize and motivate you!

How Art Affects…

The Power of Art and Beauty is a series of articles about how making art can impact us physically, personally, professionally, and socially.

Inspiration and Motivation

Through my two-decade career as an art educator, I have found that bringing art-making opportunities to others is incredibly fulfilling.

In the classroom, I’ve seen children, teens, adults, and retirees light up while making art! I’ve watched them benefit profoundly from head to toe simply through using their hands and expressing themselves.

I truly hope you will gain positivity and health from what I have to offer you.

My goal is to be a substantial resource for your team’s creativity, energy, and performance!



Your Creativity Chef

Jacqueline Ford is a career visual artist and university-level arts educator in the SF Bay Area. She founded Art Class Inc., a mobile creativity event service bringing art-making events to corporate teams and other groups to restore their personal creativity, facilitate team-building, and promote wellness for all. Everyone is successful, has a blast, and makes original display-worthy art!

See to discover how I can help optimize your team’s performance!

Be inspired & follow us on Instagram @ artclassinc

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