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Why it’s Healthy to Draw for 10 mins. Everyday

The Power of Art and Beauty

Jacqueline Ford Copyright 2020

10 mins. of drawing can be something you do right at your desk. It doesn’t matter what you make, it only matters that you use your hands and make something physical. All you need is a pen, pencil and paper, and they are probably right there at your desk now. Below are three of the many benefits to taking this kind of a creativity break.

Brain Clarity

When you make something, there is a magical shift in your body and mind. This shift is physiological and emotional. The stress hormone cortisol drops immediately and the feel- good hormone dopamine rises. Being creative is similar to an active meditative state. Instead of sitting still and attempting to clear your mind, you are focusing on a creative act. The results are the same--you become relaxed. A relaxed brain can function with greater clarity and efficiency.


You can motivate your creative self even more by listening to some favorite music during this break time. (a good time to use the earbuds.)


When you complete whatever it is you are doing, even the slightest doodle or scribble, you also get a feeling accomplished. I know it may seem small at face value, but you can take care of yourself emotionally by making an effort to reconnecting right at your desk. Just give it a try!

I have begun posting a series that can aid you in giving yourself these little snippets of creative activity at home or at work. They are called 10 Min. Inspire Space postings. Keep a look out! There is one coming up soon. Just lift your pencil and draw!

Doodlie Yours,

Jacqueline Ford

Your Creativity Chef

Jacqueline Ford is a career visual artist and university-level arts educator in the SF Bay Area. She founded Art Class Inc., a mobile creativity event service bringing art-making events to corporate teams and other groups to restore their personal creativity, facilitate team-building, and promote wellness for all. Everyone is successful, has a blast, and makes original display-worthy art!

See to discover how I can help optimize your team’s performance!

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